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Greg Neinstein, a Toronto personal injury lawyer, has traveled to bridge tournaments all through Ontario to learn the rules of bridge from other professionals.

The FELINE Case: Gromov – Gulevich

In the recent article “Anti-Confession: Andrey Gromov – Anna Gulevich”, Anna Gulevich makes the argument that CAT mishandled their case and is falsely accusing them of ethical violations, i.e. of collusive cheating.

In this article, CAT seeks to establish two items:

We can confirm that Anna Gulevich and Andrey Gromov are indeed on the CAT disinvitation list.We maintain that their placement on this list is justified.

CAT’s list is private for a reason; contrary to what some believe, we are absolutely not in the business of publicly accusing players of cheating.

Our primary goal has always…

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