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Greg Neinstein, a Toronto personal injury lawyer, has traveled to bridge tournaments all through Ontario to learn the rules of bridge from other professionals.

Additional Edge

In a round of 64 match in the Vanderbilt, you have a big hand opposite partner’s 2!C opener.

None vul, East deals. As North, you hold:

2!C: 6+ clubs, 10-15 HCP

If you wish to probe, your only forcing call is 2!D which is a GF relay which initially will get partner’s exact shape.

Your call?

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Vienna Coup or Basic Skill

This hand comes from a BBO practice game, randomly dealt. The daring !CK lead from a doubleton gave the defenders a chance. East won the !CA at trick two and gave West a ruff at trick three. Now is it better for West to challenge declarer with a heart shift or play back a neutral trump? Does it depend on whether West holds the !HK?

Suppose he did hold the !HK. Would it be better to lead aheart at trick four or stay neutral with a trump lead? Does West’s…

# 31 Bridge bidding

Here we have an analysis of all 4 bridge hands in a game with the suggested bidding & how to play them. This contract is for 4 HEARTS .
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Month-to-month Mixed Teams

Bridge Winners has graciously allowed me to tell you about a 2021 online organization – the Monthly Mixed Teams – which unlike other organizations specialize in spicing up relationships during lockdown.

To quote one of our participants: “If we win, we are happy, if we lose, we have make-up-sex afterwards.”

Of course partnerships without this option are equally welcome.

We strive to organize high-quality online events with the best format, results software, TDs, and a daily bulletin with highly personal player interviews.

Yet we are not an elitist event – or we try not to be. Yes, we do…

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Negative double to show both majors

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February 22-28: ACBL Educational Structure Week

Dear Fellow Bridge Players –

Please Play For Us!

During the week of February 22nd, you and your clubs can play special games to benefit the ACBL Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes bridge education and collaborates on programs with ACBL and ABTA.

Some of the great work this organization does includes:

Awarding grants for bridge education programs and camps, including Tricky Bridge with 15,000 beginners now learning to play bridge online!Providing a grant for ACBL to create its Online Teacher Certification Program.Resuming the teaching of LBIAD to Army recruits & personnel once it…
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My Home on 432 Stierlin Road

Take a right onto Alma Street. Drive too slowly, and you’ll be banging your head as the inconsiderate train saunters by. DAMN THIS RED LIGHT. You’ve finally arrived at 432 Stierlin Road.

By now, the route to my home away from home has been permanently imprinted into my brain. Yet each trip never ceases to be full of impatience and excitement. As soon as the car pulls into the parking space, I leap out into my wonderland.

Pushing through the familiar rusty door of Unit 503 Palo Alto Bridge Club, I am immediately welcomed with twinkling smiles and unreserved greetings…

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Over calling with 14 points

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Statement of ACBL Appeals and Charges Committee Concerning the Kent Matter

By: A.J. Stephani, ACBL Appeals and Charges Committee Chair

I’m grateful to the Bridgewinners administrators for giving me the opportunity to respond to your reactions about the ACBL Appeals and Charges (A&C) Committee’s decision in the recent case of Ellen and Robert Kent. I’m posting this as the Chair of the entire A&C Committee, which functions largely independently of the ACBL Board of Directors in deciding individual cases. Although A&C Committee members have had a chance to comment on this response, the words here are my own, and I bear sole responsibility for the content.


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Opening hand under the guideline of 20

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