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Featured Bridge Players

Greg Neinstein, a Toronto personal injury lawyer, has traveled to bridge tournaments all through Ontario to learn the rules of bridge from other professionals.

Set Skorner: What’s the Offer?

Is it possible to determine a player is guilty of self-kibitzing or a pair is guilty of collusion from just examining their bidding and play?


Can just one deal prove someone is cheating?

When playing online, almost never – sample size matters.

The individual deals are the building blocks of an investigation, so it is important to properly analyze each one. This article will discuss the method I use for examining a hand and how it differs from Kit Woolsey’s method. I plan to discuss how the puzzle pieces fit together in a future article.

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ACBL Announces Timeline for Return of Live Play

The road back to face-to-face bridge has been a long one, but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

While more areas across the continent are “reopening” as the COVID-19 vaccine gains traction, there is still quite a way to go to reach security for member and staff health. With that in mind, we want to give you an update on what the rest of 2021 looks like.

First, the Providence North American Bridge Championships (NABC) set for Summer 2021 has been moved to Summer 2022. Staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure…

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Top of touching honours opening lead

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USBF Schedules 2021 USBCs: Part Online, Part F2F

After struggling with the issues raised by COVID-19 and uncertainty about whether or when the 2021 World Team Championships will be held, the USBF Board has decided to hold the 2021 USBCs (aka Team Trials) in two stages. Each of the Open, Women’s, Mixed and Senior events will begin with a Round Robin and, if needed, Round of 16 to be played online on RealBridge. The teams that qualify for the Quarterfinals of each event will play face-to-face at the Hyatt Regency, Schaumburg, Illinois. Details and the proposed schedule include:

Only the teams that qualify for the face-to-face quarterfinal…
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Pass to let your partner complete the bidding

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Blind Lead Screening

In a previous comment, Nicolas Hammond had written:

I have 2200+ boards on the Kents from ACBL BBO events. I have taken four additional pairs from ACBL BBO events. At least three would be similar in perceived ability to the Kents, one is not. At least three of these four pairs are married couples (or at least they were the last time I checked!). I have chosen at least one of these four additional pairs because I suspect they are cheating. I left the data with the pair with the fewest number of boards unchanged. For all other pairs, I…


The ACBL’s Spring North American Online Bridge Championships will take place March 13-21. The Spring NAOBC features a Premier Knockout Team event (March 13-14, 20-21), an IMP Pairs Event (March 18-19), and a Premier Pair event (March 20-21). All three events have three flights: Open, 0-5000, and 0-1500. All events will be played on Bridge Base Online.

Entries for the Knockout event must be purchased on Bridge Winners. Entries close Monday March 8 for the open event and Wednesday March 10 for the limited events (both at 11pm Eastern). Registration for the pair games will be on BBO, starting…
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Trying to interrupt openers rebid

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Pushing to a 3 level bid

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Bridge Winners Bridge Club Details

This thread will act as a hub to summarize questions about our club games on RealBridge.

Bridge Winners Weekly Single-Session 2-Hour Club Games

Every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Every Saturday at 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT

Platform: RealBridge

Cost: $3 per person, juniors play free

Format: 5 x 3 Board Rounds Swiss Pairs (subject to change based on attendance)

Form of Scoring: Matchpoints

Here is a link to register for upcoming games.

Conditions of Contest (updated as questions arise)

All participants must be members of Bridge Winners.

Bridge Winners reserves the right to prohibit anyone from…

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